Liquid Chemical Blending

Our state of the art liquid chemical blending facility contains many tanks of various size and makeup to meet your individual needs. We have the ability to manufacture FDA, EPA and Kosher approved products and many of our raw materials can be pumped in through closed lines to minimize handling and exposure. We pride ourselves on good housekeeping and cleanliness and organization are top priorities.

  • 2 buildings dedicated to liquid production
  • Over 50 tanks of various size and make up
  • 200 gallon to 6,000 gallon batch size
  • In-process heating
  • High Sheer mixing
  • Variable Speed agitation for high viscosity products
  • Bulk tank farm with capacity to store 100,000 gallons of bulk liquid raw
    material and finished goods
  • Buildings are in compliance to manufacture and handle hazardous
    materials such as:
    • • Flammable
    • • Combustible
    • • Corrosive
    • • Oxidizer