Toll Manufacturing

CCFI is your business partner, providing toll manufacturing /contract manufacturing, blending and packaging of finished and intermediate liquid and powder products.

CCFI technical and senior production staff work directly with you to evaluate projects and provide cost efficient manufacturing outsourcing solutions. A cooperative and open dialogue is quickly established with mutual Confidentiality Agreements in place assuring a quick lab to scale-up production cycle.

Our experience base allows us to provide you with full toll capability for liquid and powder materials in a variety of technologies in an EPA & FDA certified manufacturing facility.

Our customers range from high tech startups with no manufacturing capabilities to the most well-known world wide chemical producers. Projects are typically conducted under confidentiality agreements to protect customer intellectual property. Project pricing depends on the nature and scope of work, but options include time and material, fixed fee, or dollar per unit.

Production, Research and QC/QA Lab staffed and supported by degreed Chemists

Using a toll manufacturing service saves you the capital investment required to manufacture products on your own.  It uses none of your own floor space, as all the equipment is at our site. Quick turnaround and predictable costs are also added benefits.

Liquid Toll Manufacturing

  • 2 buildings dedicated to liquid production
  • Over 50 tanks of various size and make up
  • 200 gallon to 6,000 gallon batch size
  • In-process heating
  • High Sheer mixing
  • Variable Speed agitation for high viscosity products
  • Bulk tank farm with capacity to store 100,000 gallons of bulk liquid raw material and finished goods

Powder Toll Manufacturing

  • 1 building dedicated to powder production
  • 2 ribbon blenders
  • 2 paddle blenders
  • 1,500-6,000 lb. batch size
  • Spray system to disperse liquid components evenly in batch
  • Packaging available in Super Sacks, Drums, Pails, Boxes and Smaller

Additional Support Services

  • Hazardous materials manufactured and shipped in compliance
    with all regulations
  • Tank wagon, totes, drums, pails, retail size packaging

  • Receiving and shipping docks
  • Fully capable Research and QC/QA Lab to support production